Friday, November 12, 2010

Stray Thoughts on Tonight's Episode of Smallville

- Doozy of an episode.
- Lots of cute women, especially Teri Hatcher and Helen Slater.
- I like that Teri's hair was like it was in the early days of Lois & Clark, which was on the air 15 years ago when the tapes were from. Quincy-dence?
- I was wondering if Clark actually had a VHS around. I guess so.
- Teri Hatcher + Michael Ironside = Erica Durance
- The Smallville version of Desaad is much prettier than the comic version and
- I'm a bit surprised they don't have him wearing a hoody. I miss the greasy maitre d' hairstyle.
- I like Granny Goodness, she's nicely creepy.
- Love the Furies.
- Was that a real trap or was it Clark's bachelor party?
- Tess is not Big Barda but she's...
- QUITE the shock reveal at the end.
- Jor-El is Warlock!

Let us now bask in the glory of Teri Hatcher on the Love Boat, for we all know the early eighties was the absolute highest point of western culture, it's all downhill after that...


rob! said...

I do like how the show has been using all the various actors from Supermans Past. I think its a classy, homey touch.

Can't wait for next week--Aquaman and Mera!!

Aaron said...

It's amazing the amount of actors that have, including cartoon appearances, played more than one DC character - it goes back to Lyle Talbot playing Luthor and Commissioner Gordon in the forties.

That is very exciting, and I am hoping the last episode or two will bring in every DC character they've had so far all at once, including the sort of Wonder Twins from last season.