Monday, November 1, 2010

Central Canada Comic Con 2010: Costume Contest Pt. 1

I was about a million miles away from the stage so my camera was on super duper zoom, so excuse the graininess. Though I kind of like the blurry pic of the Hobgoblin, almost looks like some hastily snapped candid distance shot from the Marvel Universe that might be on the cover of the Daily Bugle. I'm glad I got the Doom and Sue staredown; they had a great Thing with as well but my camera didn't clear in time for me to get him. And Joker and Harley were a highlight, as they actually serenaded each other with a quick song, it was nicely done.


LissBirds said...

Awww, no fair. Her Harley costume is way better than mine! I wish I had a big mallet like that, too.

What song did they sing to each other?

Aaron said...

It was either a song I've never hear or that they made up for the show, something about being meant for each other. I'm sure your Harley costume is just fine. :)