Tuesday, November 23, 2010

But Don't They Realize Lead is the Only Way To Block Kryptonite?

If you haven't heard yet, a Utah-based company, Vandor, has been ordered to recall DC hero collector glasses after tests commissioned by the Associated Press showed it contained more levels of lead that is deemed safe for children. Therein lies the point of contention, because Vandor says they were marketing the glasses to adult collectors but the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says no dice, they're kids glasses. I guess I can see their point, though, since kids are always going to like superheroes. So if you bought any of these, hold onto them! They're about to become scarce.

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LissBirds said...

And yet the Eaglemoss lead figurine heroes from the UK are imported without a problem. I still haven't opened any up, though, becuase the warning stickers on the packaging are downright dire.