Thursday, November 4, 2010

Continued on 2nd Page Following: Superboy #167

Okay, yes, a super-strong flying baby, sure, fine. I was believing everything until they said that said baby could crash through a window so fast it wouldn't make any noise. What is this, *snicker*, some kind of supernatural windowpane? What about the falling glass? Air friction burnt it up? I expect realism from comics, dagnabbit!

But not really. I want amazing insanity from any Superbaby story, and they generally deliver. And that is one reason I chose this as this week's installment of the regular feature, an appearance of the blog title in a back issue.


rob! said...

I find the Superbaby stories kind of chilling. Imagine AN INFANT with heat and microwave vision? *shudder*

Aaron said...

I know, they're hard enough to handle as mere mortals. In this particular one, I think one of the last Superbaby stories, he nearly destroyed the world by thinking it was a beach ball for him to blow up. But then he's lured by Ma Kent's delicious pancakes. Silver Age logic to the rescue! It's his second to last cover appearance in Superboy, and the cover is by Neal Adams, which of course means the writing is on the wall for the era. I can certainly see why they now have a Clark whose powers developed slowly, but I find these stories crazy fun.

LissBirds said...

My, he was a chubby baby!

I wish comics for grownup could be silly and fun again. You only see this kind of thing nowadays in the Johnny DC titles.

Aaron said...

An inter-galactic space trip in a cramped rocket will put on the pounds! All that sun energy wasn't turning into muscle at that point, I guess! :)

I hear ya...I also love the Wonder Woman/Wonder Tot stories, those get really surreal.