Friday, November 12, 2010

Jheri Curl Causes Omnipotence! Plus: Twinkies, Twinkies, Twinkies!

So I'm watching Dark City the other night and trying to figure out who Rufus Sewell reminds me of with his dark jheri curl hairdo and his ability to manipulate all matter. Then it hit me.

Of course, the Beyonder as he appeared in Secret Wars II, minus the white disco suit! Proving once again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Germans love David Hasselhoff. doesn't disprove it.

In other news, I thought one thing I haven't yet posted is a Hostess ad, and I can't seem to find this one on any places that usually do so, including the estimable Hostess Ads site. So here is my contribution to the ongoing quest to put all Hostess ads online so they will be enjoyed for generations to come until Kamandi happens.

Twinkies. It's what's for dinner.

Now if you'll excuse me, tonight is Teri Hatcher night on Smallville. Yes!


rob! said...

Was there ever a Zombieland tie-in comic? If there wasn't, there should have been. And even if there was, Hostess should have commissioned a one-off Twinkies ad to run in said comic.

Aaron said...

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't seen Zombieland, even though it looks more my speed than Walking Dead - I have to make a point of seeing it. I am glad to see some Hostess products out now with DC superheroes on the packaging.