Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bootleg, Not a Bootleg?

I got this baby at a con in 1994 from one of the tables selling figures.

In the small print on the cape, it says, "(copyright symbol) D. C. COMICS 1992 COMICS SPAIN" but I have doubts about how legit it is. Do they write DC as D. C. in Spain, with periods and a space? Well, perhaps they do. But this is certainly not the most exquisitely sculpted figure, as a close-up reveals perhaps some bad facial surgery in Superman's past.

One idiosyncracy is the symbol on the back of the cape. Though I'm fairly certain even comic colourists have made the mistake of putting red in it when it should be all yellow.

Another interesting feature is his gigantic feet, which I must admit do help him balance.

Just for comparison, here's the Crisis Bizarro figure, who actually looks handsomer than this Superman. I just somehow feel the Thing of Steel would like that. Or hate that.

And just for fun, and so you can get a sense of the size of Spanish Possible Bootleg Supes, here he is next to a well-known small wind-up robot. I like how the slats on my JVC boombox make it sorta look like they're on the Death Star. Well, they do to me.

I actually like this figure. I guess I have to say it's the pose, that's some powerful-looking stuff, and he looks all right on a shelf, even if he has a face only Lara and Ma Kent could love.


Kid said...

I have the twin of that very TOMY robot - they must have been separated at "birth". Send him to me now. (You can keep the Superman.)

I must post a photo of my MARX robot from the 60s.

rob! said...

Supes looks like he's from the same line that produced this Aquaman figure.

Aaron said...

Kid - Please do post any robots you have! I love looking at toy robots but control my toy robot buying impulses most of the time, or allow other impulses precedence. It's hard to see in the pic but unfortunately the right claw of mine is snapped off, a hazard of these ones.

Rob! - they certainly do have similar facial expressions, and a certain general shininess. Non-NA countries get some interesting stuff.

Kid said...

Mine has both his "grabbers".

My other robot is a MARX robot - to see one is to want one. I'm gonna post. (But not for a while.)

Mr Brooks said...

I have the exact same Superman figure. I bought it on holiday in France. I love it and couldn't give it up!