Friday, November 19, 2010

Stray Thoughts on Tonight's Aquatastic Episode of Smallville!

- There's nothing like making out with your sweetie after blowing something up.
- We definitely got a bit of angry nineties Aquaman.
- Mera's not too hard on the peepers.
- I liked her way of talking, sort of Kirby-esque.
- I really like the effects for Aquaman's swimming, it's nice the makers of the show get that he swims very fast. Even in the Spidey movies they didn't seem to convey that his wallcrawling is supposed to be quite fast and scrambley. As Jeremy Piven said on Entourage, Aquaman is Spider-man underwater. I'm just free associating, but hey, it's Friday.
- Just me or were Justin Hartley's line readings at the beginning quite stiff? He improved a bit as the episode went on. He seems to act better in scenes that are more action oriented.
- "Squidlips" "...we got off on the wrong fin." Oh, that Lois!
- I like the idea that when Aquaman's been depowered by lack of water, getting hit with a splash is almost like a Banner-into-Hulk kind of moment.
- I'm glad we saw Mera's powers in action.
- I like how in Smallville, the return to the farm is always symbolic of a return to peace and happiness, however temporary.
- I feel silly for not seeing the ending coming! At the same time, it was nice to be surprised, I'm glad I usually avoid material on upcoming episodes.
- I have a feeling before the season is over, the line "an eye for an eye" will be uttered.


LissBirds said...

"We definitely got a bit of angry nineties Aquaman." I was trying to explain the concept of hook-hand Aquaman to my non-comics-yet-Smallville-watching best friend and how Aquaman went through a gruff phase, and that why he was so grumpy on Smallville. I think she kinda understood what I was saying. She was asking if Mera got her powers from the meteor rock and I have no idea.

I really liked how they kept Mera's powers as they are in the comics. But apparently I've been pronouncing her name wrong, as they called her "Mira." She's also pretty comfortable with her body, which reminded me of one of the earliest issues of Brightest Day where she goes skinny dipping. Also, both of us really liked her outfit at the end of the show.

I didn't make the Slade connection at all until it hit me like twenty minutes after the episode ended.

rob! said...

I really thought Hogan became Col. Tigh again in that final shot.

Aaron said...

They were a bit vague about Mera's origin, which I imagine is because going into it would open up a whole new can of worms, as, if I recall, she's from an alternate earth that's sort of Waterworld.

Rob! - Took a while for me to remember where I knew him from, as I never regularly watched the new Battlestar Galactica. But he is a good tough guy.