Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Central Canada Comic Con 2010: Costume Contest Pt. 2

Again please excuse the graininess. That top THX 1138 guy had a great and original costume that probably did not offer much visibility. The guy that was Optimus Prime did an amazing job and actually transformed into a truck, using an attachment he brought with him, so I am impressed with the dedication of Transformers fans. I have no idea if Mysterio could see out of his helmet but the outfit is impressive. I have to say I admire people who are willing to walk around all day in these cumbersome things.


rob! said...

Wow, to come dressed as Mysterio you have to REALLY WANT IT.

Dan said...

Oh wow - Optimus Prime! That would've taken ages!

Aaron said...

There were definitely a few costumes that looked like they would have needed the jaws of life to get out of, and possibly caused some concern for the wearer's insurance provider.

LissBirds said...

Optimus Prime transformed into a truck? That is so awesome!!

Anonymous said...

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