Monday, November 15, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up is Super-Heroes and Super-Gorillas

Wanting something to read during breakfast this morning - I can read comics while eating with little risk of damage to the comic, it's one of my gifts, I grabbed this out of the DC Specials section, perhaps my favouritest section of all.

With my usual banana, toast, and OJ, I enjoyed Superman taking on a Krypton gorilla, The Flash being fooled by Grodd into thinking Grodd had sped up everyone in the city, and Batman and Robin versus a diabolical criminal that wanted to put Batman's brain into a gorilla and pin a series of crimes on him.

I don't advise eating while reading a comic unless you are a trained professional like myself. One of the things to make sure of is that it is about a foot away from where the food is, so the food is between you and the comic, to avoid spillage. Not too far away, or you won't be able to see it. Also, keep a hand clean for page turning. Place the comic on something protective, at least its empty bag and board.

And it happens that my copy of this is unfortunately in about fair/good. Probably don't want to try it with a near mint Detective Comics #27, even with a great set of skills.


Dan said...

Ah Super-Gorillas, can you ever go wrong with one of those? And all for 50 cents?!

Damn the past looks good.

Aaron said...

I have to admit gorillas are my one weakness. I really think someone has to reboot the "gorilla on the loose" movie genre.

rob! said...

I have never spilled food on my comics, though I have taken many a chunk off a cover by an errant piece of tape attached to the plastic sleeve. Oh, the irony!

Aaron said...

Oh, I feel your pain. It had been years since I'd done that and then a couple months ago did it to my Justice League of America #98.

Cderosby said...

wouldn't get away with that at my house. My kids spill something at the table at least once a day. Apiece.