Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wolverine's Been Over-Exposed Over The Years, But This is Ridiculous!

Oh, by the way, I'm bringing back "...but this is ridiculous!" I think its time has come 'round again.

I'm really getting into this Beefcake Week idea, mostly due to it giving me a use for the Marvel Swimsuit Specials, so I'll be throwing a few more at ya. I guess this keeps the blog from being too DC-centric, even though I'm sure I've spent less than a hundred bucks on new Marvel stuff in the last ten years. Generally, in terms of overall comic collecting, I'm kinda like 65% DC, 25% Marvel, 10 % other stuff (Gold Key, Dark Horse, Archie, etc.)

I think I can guarantee there won't be any more real brain scamblers like the Punisher one, just nice tasteful ones...sort of. Anyway, I really actually like todays. The art and colours are nice, and the camp fire gives it a nice cozy feel. I could conceivably wear those shorts Logan has on. Let me hasten to add I'm nowhere near that hairy. He is rather hirsute, isn't he? And how often do we get a chance to say the word "hirsute"?

The narration, by the way, is supposed to be by the Troll character Pip. As I recall he was part of the Adam Warlock cycle of stories, which was actually a really good seventies saga. I tend to think of the seventies as the time when the Big Two were on their most even keel, in terms of being about equal in quality, though I still lean towards DC just cuz. Super Friends, for one thing. I could go on.


LissBirds said...

He's roasting hot dogs on his claws. Hee!

Aaron said...

Yeah, I kinda like that part too.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha that funny.wolverine is my favorite character and this just made my day today,i love x men.