Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Collection Room So Far

As a collector I sometimes to like to see where and how other collectors store their stuff, so here goes with my stuff, but this is a work in progress. I intend for this to be sort of a "before" picture, but it might be a while until the "after" happens. I had to move recently and previously did not have one lone room in which to store my stuff, so this is a bit of a novelty for me. I do have about six more boxes that can't be seen, stored elsewhere for the nonce. It's not the hugest collection, but it gets me by.

You can see I'm not finished yet because obviously I don't intend my Super Friends lunch box to be hiding behind a stack of Marvel Essentials forever. Over on the right, on the floor there is stuff I'm planning to get rid of due to it being doubles, or just stuff I'm not much interested in anymore. And that is indeed a Britney Spears Slurpee cup over on the dresser that I use for putting various things in. And you can also see a couple portable drawers full of my cassettes from the eighties. Rock on! Somewhere in there is a tape player.

The most important thing relating to the room might be this object that I whipped up, MacGyver-like.

The door to the room doesn't click shut, allowing the feline delinquent who wanders my premises, searching for cheap thrills, carte blanche to go in and sharpen her claws on various items with impunity. Just as it appears, I made this thing out of three hair elastics and a hook from a picture frame. I'm pretty darn proud of it, I just loop the elastics around the door knob and hook the hook onto the, um, metal thing that the clicky thing should click into ideally. It works quite well! It's strong enough the door doesn't budge if she tries it, so there's no danger to her. Why do so many of us collectors live with kitties, the natural enemies of delicate stuff? Probably because they're not judgemental about our lifestyles, as long as the vittles keep a-pouring.


rob! said...

Maybe you should buy some mouse-centric comics lying around to keep your kitty distracted when she does break into the Aaron Cave.

LissBirds said...

You should totally patent that door-closer device! McGyver would be proud!

Wow...I wish I had as many comics as you do! That's awesome. I like the Lynda Carter and Christopher Reeve posters, too. And the little action figures handing out on top of your mirror.

I wish I had a room devoted to all my collections, besides the office, which isn't an office at all, but the place where magazines, books, and stuffed animals hang out. I should post a pic of my collection space, but it's such a mess I'd be too embarassed. Maybe there's a clutter-eraser button on Photoshop that could do the trick.

Aaron said...

Wait, there's a clutter eraser button? :)

Thanks, and posting this had the positive effect of motivating me to get it tidier and more organized, that "after" pic may materialize sometimes soonish.

MOCK! said...

I am very excited to see the end product...