Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back Issue Highlights: Batman Family #13, 1977

I realize, the more back issues of the seventies Batman Family I get, that it could really have been called Dick Loves Babs. A lot of it is the Boy Wonder, or I suppose Teen Wonder by that time, hitting on the Dominoed Daredoll. Issue #13 was a slam-bang full length novel that also featured Man-Bat. Here's a Dick and Babs moment I really liked.

I got my fingers crossed for those two crazy kids! Sure, that may have been a little disappointing, but at least Dick could have a rare chance at a do-over for a love confession. He might want to rethink the "big sister" line. I do like the idea that Babs is a bit older than him, it seems in recent years like her age when she started out has been pushed down progressively.


LissBirds said...

Awwwz. Who knew Dick Grayson was so twitterpated? I liked him better as Robin, before he got all dark (and kinda cocky) as Nightwing.

There should be more sweet moments like this in comics. One reason why I like the new Batgirl series--it has a lot of sweetness to it.

Blaze said...

Poor Dick. He had a double dose of trying to find a sincere sweetheart. Robin groupies on the one hand and golddiggers after the Wayne fortune on the other.