Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Stray Thoughts on the Smallville Season 10 Premiere - Spoilerish!

- The picture above in no way represents the episode. But I liked the ones with Zatanna.
- I think about 40 people were either knocked unconscious or regained consciousness in the new episode, titled "Lazarus"
- It gives some people conniptions how the show rearranges Superman chronology but I like it, it makes it unpredictable; and you can always tell the writers did their homework.
- The adult Lex clone was nicely creepy, and, in one of the show's patented reversals from previous Superman history, I liked that he was older than the last time we saw him, as opposed to the clone from the comics in the nineties who was younger (and an Amish Australian, I think)

- Another example of the Smallville patented reversal was in the episode when they made you think Ollie was going to lose his fortune, but then he didn't.
-They're really teasing us with the Superman costume, but I got a feeling we won't see it on Tom until the end of this, the final season. So I'm really not going to think about it till then.
-Hopefully this season we'll see all the heroes they have featured so far on the show that aren't regulars; Aquaman, Black Canary, Flash, Cyborg, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, the Wonder Twins, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl...did I miss anybody?
-The effect for putting on the Helmet of Fate is like The Mask...which I kinda dig. I would have also liked to see Chloe launch into a rendition of "Cuban Pete"
-I'm not crazy about the oppressively dark mood of the show, come on, let's have a little fun!
-That being said, I do feel what the show is striving to do, in the long run, is lead the entire superhero genre into a lighter mood, but by first starting where it's been this decade, in shadows. Who better to lead than the original superhero?
-I got a little misty when Pa Kent appeared, and I think the whole scene was kind of a tribute to
The Adventures of Superman #500
-Wear a
tighter shirt next time, Lois!
-I think if they ever have any more of the Legion members, actor Jesse Comacho would make a jim-dandy Bouncing Boy, one of my favourite characters.

-The little Alexander Luthor clone is interesting, and obviously a bit of a tribute to the Crisis on Infinite Earths kid...who I think later became an A-1 nutjob, though I haven't followed continuity too tightly in the last few years. But didn't we learn that all this time it was his hand that people keep seeing at the beginning of time, or did I dream that?
-The Fortress Jor-El simulacrum really needs to lighten up.
-I've got a feeling I know what that shadowy figure at the end portended, people kept saying things like "Darkness is coming". Hmmmm...

-Cool! But the show has been known to throw curveballs.


LissBirds said...

I thought the banter between Lois and Clark (when she dropped her pen) was rather amusing, especially when she said "kissing strange women? don't know what other kinky things he's into." That made me laugh a little. But why weren't they out looking for Ollie, though?

And I want to know who was interrogating Ollie. I thought it was someone from Apokalips, but I wasn't sure.

I picked right up on the COIE reference when that little kid said his name was "Alexander." Did you see the scene in the end where one of his action figures was in the fireplace, presumably tossed there by him? Perhaps hinting at a sadistic streak. :)

I hope Zatanna comes back, too. My best friend is hoping she comes back, as well, so that makes three of us.

A tighter shirt? Is that even possible? Actually, I guess it is...

rob! said...

I gave up on the show a while back, but I'll definitely tune back in for the Aquaman episode and probably the ones near the end to see how it all wraps up.

And whoever that woman playing Zatanna is...hubba hubba!

Aaron said...

Liss - yes, I loved that, the deliberateness of that scene was classic, they almost could have given them old time thought balloons explaining what they were doing like in the old comics. Maybe that was the Smallville version of Desaad...? And now I can't remember what happened to Max Lord last season. I missed the action figure! & I forgot to mention, I guess Tess isn't going to be "Two-Face Girl" now...

Rob! - I personally have actually enjoyed the last few seasons as it's become the Earth-Welling DCU show. The actresses name is Serinda Swan and yeah, it kinda makes me wonder who the heck would play Wonder Woman - I generally think of Zee as being less intimidating than Wondie.