Thursday, September 16, 2010

When Comic Book Thugs Look Like Charles Bronson Part 3

From Amazing Spider-man #331, art by Erik Larsen, who I never liked much but I do kinda like how the whites of Spidey's eyes have expressions. Spidey's line here is pretty tough, though Punisher looks a little embarrassed, like he's thinking "Just let me do the tough guy lines." This is obviously an acknowledged tribute to CB, kinda too bad he has to be the bad guy. I must admit I've been watching Death Wish movies all week on AMC, there's something about them I can't take my eyes off. I just kind of enjoy Paul Kersey's casual, laid-back, go-at-your-own-pace brand of vigilante justice. For some choice Chuck clips and lines, look no further than here.

Bonus comic connection - Gavan O'Herlihy plays the main villain in Death Wish 3, and he was also Brad, the washed up jock fiending on Lana Lang in Superman III. Good things come in threes! He was also the first Chuck Cunningham on the first season of Happy Days, the retconned-out-of-existence older brother of Richie (I assume there was some kind of Crisis at Arnold's that changed reality).


rob! said...

"he was also Brad, the washed up jock fiending on Lana Lang in Superman III. Good things come in threes!"

Good things?

Aaron said...

Haha! What can I say, I like Supes III...I know, I know. Please bear in mind my love of B-movies and suchlike. IV I've never made it all the way through. Even I have my limits, much like Superman.

LissBirds said...

Who-hoo!! I was waiting for another Charles Bronson post!

Waayyyy back I remember Nick at Nite showing a little clip about Richie's disappearing older brother. I like your "Crisis At Arnold's" version. Or maybe it was some kind of temporal fallout from when Mork visited??

Aaron said...

Good point! I think Mork tinkered with history! I remember that episode, where everyone was frozen in time.