Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Slightly Disappointed...

Don't get me wrong, I'm still quite excited that this CD will be coming out on the confirmed date of October 12, in time for me to rock out to it a number of times before the Central Canada Comic Con...but it does seem like there were either some line-up changes at the last minute, or else that what was originally reported was inaccurate. Here is a recent list from The Source, which I think is fairly reliable, while here is a list from one of the web sites that was previously reporting a different line up. I notice that "Save Me", the Smallville theme, is now missing, and probably more disappointing is that the Puffy Amiyumi Teen Titans theme is not on there. "Save Me" I can probably take or leave. It's a good song but not one I can listen to over and over. On the other hand I love the Teen Titans theme. Maybe some considered it too Anime or something, but it gave the Teen Titans a theme as catchy and recognizable as the classic Spider-man or Batman themes. It seemed to acknowledge their sixties roots while also being completely modern in sound. I can't help but think the exclusion of both of those may be due to a distaste of those shows among some fans, but they're both shows I like and feel present valid alternate views of the characters.

More mysterious is that the theme for the Justice League show, the one before Justice League Unlimited, is also now gone. I don't know about you, but that opening used to almost give me a lump in my throat with its epic grandeur. Some might say I need to get a life, but I've got the life I want.

But I am glad that the theme from the sixties Superman filmation show is included. It's the only sung theme Superman has ever had, I believe, and its fairly jazzy and catchy, maybe the closest the Man of Steel will ever get to that kind of theme that Spider-man, Batman, even Wonder Woman have from their shows and that have become geek anthems. Of course the MoS slaughters everyone in the recognizability of his classical John Williams theme from the Christopher Reeve movies (also included), so it all evens out.

Yeah, I know I can listen to any of these on youtube any time I want, but I like the idea of having them all in one package. I am looking forward to listening to the Super Friends theme on road trips or whatnot, while I'm heading down the highway. And I knew there was a reason I put a CD player in my collection room.


LissBirds said...

They didn't put the original JLU theme song on the CD? That theme is EPIC. What a shame. I liked the original so much better than the electronic version. I like me some grand, symphonic soundtracks, what can I say?

It's probably some silly copyrights issue or something. That's my best guess.

The Smallville/Save Me song was already released a while ago, as a regular song on a regular album, so maybe that's why they left it off. (I'm not even sure it was written expressly for the show.)

Aaron said...

Just so it's clear the Unlimited theme, with the soaring guitars, seems to be going on there, it's the more orchestral theme of the previous show, plain Justice League that's not going on it. But I think you got that that. I love that slow march opening theme, I make my action figures do march along to...okay, not really. I'm not that far gone (yet).

Blaze said...

I'll echo LissBirds sentiment that the arch villain, Pissy Copyright Demands, is to blame for the omissions.