Friday, October 15, 2010

Some Stray Thoughts on the 200th Episode of Smallville

- * Possible spoilers.
- I really really enjoyed it.
- Okay, I like that James Marsters is Brainiac Five. Not green, I don't think, though they had kind of an interesting glow on him.
- In fact, the lighting for Smallville in general and this episode in particular is always skilled and interesting.
- Some of Tom's and Erica's best acting as their respective characters.
- So glad to see Clark confront the death of his earthly father in a way that seemed to touch on every previous version of it.
- Also glad Clark may be out of this self-bashing mode.
- Seeing future Clark was way wicked, wicked awesome.
- Also liked the reference to Daily Planet staffer Ron Troupe. Can't remember if they've had him but I don't think so.
- Who else wants a Smallville version of Steve Lombard?
- Ollie needs Clark...awwww.
- Disco ball in a barn, yes!
- Chloe...alive? I hope.
- I caught a spoiler on next week's episode and am pretty excited.


LissBirds said...

My favorite part of the episode: Clark's face when he's crowned "Reunion King" (or whatever it's called.) That was just priceless.

And present Clark meeting future Clark was awesome. I don't remember it exactly, but "How did I get so uptight? And...nerdy?"

I joined this series pretty late, so I don't get all of the references to previous episodes (my best friend called me up during the opening theme song/commercial break to tell me that was Brainiac, for example) but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Didn't catch the spoiler, for next week's episode, though, but I find it interesting to see Lois as Isis!

Aaron said...

Loved the meeting, it was like a Freedom 55 commercial.

Yes, Lois as Isis - I love it because it looks like a kooky Lois adventure mixed with the seventies Isis show, yes!