Monday, October 18, 2010

Batman: Brave and the Bold Marathon

Here's the view from my official cartoon-viewing sleeping bag in my bedroom. As I reported yesterday the last couple days I've been doing a B&B marathon, rewatching the early episodes with Season One Volume One DVD I just bought which contains the first thirteen episodes. I love the light Diedrich Bader-voiced Batman and also the often offbeat guest characters. Sometimes they are more beloved of me than at other times, but I always respect the show's producers for digging for less well known characters. I also love the teaser beginnings where we join Bats and a friend in the middle of an adventure, a bit like the opening of a Bond film. My favourite episode of this group might be "The Eyes of Despero" which features a great beginning with Dr. Fate, and then goes into a Green Lantern Corp adventure with Guy Gardner, G'Nort, and a slightly different version of the origin of Sinestro - though the fact that Hal Jordan, who does appear, is absent for most of the origin of his own archenemy does seem a bit strange. In the B&B-verse, Sin seems like more of an archenemy for Guy. Be that as it may, we also get an alternate version of the famous "One punch!" scene. Oh, and of course, Despero is the villain, and the show's designers went with his slightly less aerodynamic original side-to-side head-fin style, in one of many tributes to the Silver Age. And speaking of fins, I enjoy the hail-fellow-well-met, bon vivant, Prince Vultan-esque version of Aquaman, and the "Evil Under the Sea" episode is another favourite. I can sort of take or leave the new Blue Beetle, though I really like the first episode with Kanjar Ro and the awesome gamma gong.

The first episode of the show that I ever caught was "Terror on Dinosaur Island", and I was hooked. They had me at talking gorillas riding giant pterodactyls as steeds.

The Bat-blog has just reported on these neato B&B cars.


rob! said...

B:BATB is an amazing show. Can't wait for the complete season boxed sets to hit DVD.

Aaron said...

Definitely, when I first caught previews of it I was really happy to see something in that spirit. I am a bit leery I may not get a Season One Part Two and thus will have to rebuy all those eps, but I guess that will mean a backup copy of the early stuff. I decided I couldn't hold out.