Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Get Small! Cat Grant Gets Smallville-ized

I try to avoid any spoiler info so last night's first appearance of Cat Grant surprised me, I just hadn't previously thought about her coming on the show at all, but it makes sense since it's gotten so Daily Planet oriented. Other highlights of last night's episode included a brief appearance of Glorious Godfrey - via a rant over the radio (definitely expecting that role to expand over the season); Clark wearing the old red striped tie; and an appearance by the Suicide Squad though I still can't figure out who the lead guy is - Flagg? Sgt. Rock? Maybe I missed something.

Though no one will ever replace original Cat Grant Tracy Scoggins on Lois & Clark for me. Hmmm, wonder if Tracy will make an appearance on Smallville?

Tracy trivia: Her first TV appearance was on an episode of Dukes of Hazzard


LissBirds said...

When I first heard about Cat Grant coming to Smallville, I misread it as "Ted Grant" then kept on telling my Smallville-watching-but-not-comics-reading best friend how "Ted Grant" aka "Wildcat" was coming to the show and how he was a fighter and all that, and after last night's episode (which I didn't see until tonight) she was like, "Um...are you sure you didn't mix something up?"

It all makes sense now.

Aaron said...

I seem to recall Ted was in the painting at the Justice Society's headquarters in the JSA episode, so that's definitely always possible - I'd sure be into that.