Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Fantastic Four #110 "Variant"

...and speaking of FF, a while back I went and traded some of my reject comics in to help fill some gaps in collections I'm sticking with. I decided a while back that I was going to start my collection of Fantastic Four where Essentials #5 leaves off, at #110, and fill my collection of originals up to about #400 or so (I collected from the late 200's up as they were coming out). Trouble is, as I was trading I got mixed up and took #110 thinking I had to start there, and the one I took was the one pictured above. Everyone's face looks weird, but I actually thought that was because the witchy woman Agatha Harkness was working some of her magic. Remember the phrase "eldritch glow" that was always in scary comics? That's what I thought was responsible, but after looking on cover browser, I realized the colours of that issue are actually supposed to be natural. Looking into just what it was I had, it is apparently an "initial" print where the colour plates were mixed up, that somehow got released to the unwashed masses. So I'm kinda glad I got mixed up and took this issue, it's neat-looking.

Another FF by-the-by: Did anyone else ever find Franklin Richards scary when his eyes glowed? That just kind of freaked me out as a kid.


rob! said...

It looks like the whole book takes place underwater.

LissBirds said...

Especially with everyone floating around up there, rob, I can definitely see that...

I like how the Thing is green, too. :)

Aaron said...

Heh, if Namor had his way they would all be underwater and he could make off with Sue!

A green Thing! Green like the Hulk! "Whotta revoltin' development! If the Yancy Street Gang finds out about this...sheesh! It's gonna gimme a complex!"

...or something like that. :)

Dan said...

LOL yeah but what a cool variant! Who says super heroes can't wear pink?

And yeah Franklin's eyes spooked the bejeebers out of me too - esp when he took down mephisto. He was like poltergeist in that thing!

Aaron said...

Thanks! I am glad I picked it up kind of without realizing it was not the more plentiful official version.

Oh, I totally remember that! Suddenly the kid was way creepier than the devil! lol