Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Batman Family Album Part 3

Just call me Wong Foo. Sorry about the glare from the Barry Allen, but you can see Julie's purrty face, that's the main thing.

Which concludes my 3 part series...I realize there is a glaring omission of (baby on board, something something) Burt Ward, but unfortunately I have yet to catch up with the Bird Boy. But someday...someday...I might just write him at his website.

I got Adam and Julie at last year's Central Canada Comic Con, Yvonne Craig was a gift from a dear associate that she got at another unfortunately I never actually met the star of Kissin' Cousins, Mars Needs Women and Ski Party. But it's nice I can pretend I did. Adam and Julie I did meet, though because I'm a tall guy I have a tendency to scare celebrities, especially with that crazy obsessive gleam in my eye.

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