Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Bought This Shirt Last Week...

For $13 and I like it. I really really like it. How much do I like it? The answer is: lots.
Why do I like it? Well first of all I like that it has a DC symbol in the middle, the design symbol that says "DC Originals". It came with a label that said the same thing which I clipped from it, and taped on one of my comic boxes My plan is to do that anytime I get one of those symbols, "DC Originals", get it? It describes what's in the box!

I like the characters - first of all I like that they have a seventies look to them. The image is "distressed" as they say, and while I feel "distressed" has probably gotten to the point where it's a bit overplayed, and Zod knows I would never buy jeans that come with frays and holes - because the characters look vintage in this case it's pretty neat-o. I also like the line-up. I especially like that Robin is in it. There seems to be an insidious Robin denial movement out there, despite that fact that, if I were Batman, assuming such a concept as Batman would work, I would certainly want to have some kind of apprentice. It makes sense to me he'd want to create a legacy, not just beat up crooks for fifteen or twenty years and retire with the world in basically the same crappy shape. This is quite obviously the O.R.: Original Robin, Dick Grayson, wearing his classic outfit. You can see his legs, he's wearing the green trunks he used to have which to me seem more practical for acrobatics and martial arts than long green tights. Free and easy! Below him is the flame tressed Bat-beauty, the Barbara Gordon version who unfortunately we will likely never see again except in flashbacks because in comic book worlds, dying is like catching a cold, but becoming handicapped is more permanent. Oh, I hate the Joker!

And the rest. Catwoman's there, so this shirt's like a Batman Family minus the Batman plus guest stars. I like all the other characters to varying degrees. Green Arrow I used to love, I've cooled on him a bit, Martian Manhunter is great because he's just one of those go-to guys who always gets the job done. Plastic Man is hit and miss for me, but hey, getting him and the Big Red Cheese on one shirt is pretty cool. Wearing it, I feel like I'm some walking 100-Page Special with all these guest stars and back-up features.

I like the red, though I admit I put it through the wash a few times before I rocked it, because it was a really REALLY bright red, it's now possible to look at it without eye protection. Huzzah!
This is the first comic shirt I've bought in a long time, because at a certain point I figured I had enough. This beauty called my name, and the price was right.


Diabolu Frank said...

If I could get this cheap at a department store, it would be on my back. Over twelve bucks, it's a collection of clipped stock art. I do like all these characters though-- well, except maybe Green Arrow and Hawkman. They've gotten tedious. Also, no Superman and Batman, which is winning.

Aaron said...

Unfortunately in Canada it's harder to find comic shirts at department stores, we don't have Targets which as I've learned while down there is a great place for cheap licenced shirts. Our dollar's slightly lower, so it was ALMOST as cheap as $12 American. I like classic Silver Age- seventies Hawkman, though he definitely is lost in a miasma of continuity confusion now. Green Arrow works in limited doses for me - I appreciate that he added some variety to the line-up in the satellite era, but he also reminds me of jobs I've worked where the least effective person is the one who complains the most lol

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

been getting a lot od these at Target & K-Mart... i have WAY too many :D