Monday, July 19, 2010

Brave and the Bold #35: Redemption for J. Michael; and a couple random thoughts on the Legion Of Substitute Heroes and the I-5

I thought I should say that the last few issues and the new one in particular #35, teaming up the Inferior 5 with the Legion of Substitute Heroes, hs redeemed the J. Michael Straczynski run to me. As noted elsewhere, some of the jokes in this one are a little forced, but the guy's working in a vaccuum, using some of the least "cool" characters in comicdom, so uncool they, I mean the I-5, have seldom even been resurrected since their title's demise in 1972, save an appearance in Ambush Bug. Don't get me wrong, I think they're very cool, but I'm a bit like your mom - if I think something's cool, it probably isn't being thought of that way anywhere else.

This issue had the random fun craziness of classic DC. The contrast between Night Girl and Dumb Bunny is especially great. Night Girl always seems too cool for these guys, like that one cute girl who hangs out with the nerds because her hairdo is not what the popular girls are wearing. The boy Subs are almost certainly all angry she goes out with Cosmic Boy, one of the jocks.

My favourite things about this cover is Merryman's "badass" face. It's such a great mockery of the ubiquitous "badass pose" covers which fortunately are passing into history, but wow that was a long 11 or so years. This is a great time for the I-5 to return, they are much needed to mock the adolescent-level comics that take themselves seriously and consider themselves "art" and great writing and so forth.

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