Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Let Dr. Bergman Down!

It was with horror that I read about the stabbing at the San Diego Comic Con, detailed here. I wish good health and a speedy recovery to the unfortunate victim. It's a terrible thing for the geek community because I generally like to think that we may not be the best dressed, best-looking, most fit group out there, but that we do at least not get violent, despite being fairly argumentative. This really taints us as a group. We may disagree on such important issues as what sucks more, ____ or ____, but really, bloodshed...?

The late Barry Morse, who portrayed Dr. Victor Bergman in Space 1999, wrote passionately about the peacefulness of the fan community in FilmFax, Oct/Dec 2007:

"The conventions are very gentle, peaceful, and loving occasions for people of different kinds, statuses, and backgrounds, not only brought and held together by a common interest, but also by a sense of concern and affection for each other. It shows how different kinds of the human race can come together and wish nothing but good to each other and to the rest of the world."

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