Monday, June 27, 2011

Gene Colan Takes On DC Icons

The prolific and unique Gene Colan passed away at age 84 on June 23. He was a master of storytelling and action pacing. In terms of visuals, for some reason the word that comes to mind for his style was "slippery". Everything had a liquid feel to it, as though each comic panel morphed into the next one. I loved his work on Marvel's clever and absurdist Howard the Duck with writer Steve Gerber. The same team took on the Man of Steel in The Phantom Zone miniseries of 1982, exploring the furthest reaches of the titular nether region; which also meant some other DC Icons slipping into the fray. Here are some selections with inks by Tony Dezuniga.


Dan said...

Nice post Mr - I have a real thing for the original Supergirl at the moment. Don't know what it is - but glad to see her as part of your post!

Aaron said...

She's one of my favourites as well. And that's my favourite version of her costume, for some reason.