Sunday, August 8, 2010

Steve Ditko and Chuck Norris - Together At Last

By "at last" I mean it happened 23 years ago under Marvel's Star imprint. It lasted 4 issues, of which I possess the first two, not intentionally, but as part of one of those "you can have these but you have to take all these" kinds of deals from a friend, by grace of which I shall one day be able to do a fairly exhaustive retrospective on Ninja Turtle knockoffs of the eighties, which no doubt audiences are clamouring for.

As we can see from the splash page, Chuck Norris is indeed so amazing that even houses, normally unable to form thoughts, are able to gain sentience just so they can think about his greatness.

But wait, it's actually a kid doing the thinking, staring at the photo that the splash page actually was. Which is kind of a neat storytelling device.

And that little boy grew up to be...the guy who invented those ubiquitous Chuck Norris slogans. And now you know...the rest of the story. Nice inking job there, I like the clean brushwork by Art Nichols.

But not all is harmony:

There's always that one guy who's just too cool to jump on a bandwagon. Get with it, ya mask-wearing weirdo!

This ish has been covered more in depth here on Stupid Comics. It's not really a stupid issue, but man I wish Ditko had sent Chuck to a funky Dr. Strange dimension to do battle with weird beings, armed only with his wits, nunchuks and feets of fury. We had to settle for nice, normal mask-wearing lunatics.


LissBirds said...

This is just so full of win, I don't even know where to start...!

Aaron said...

Thanks! I'm glad I kept it this long, I imagine at some point I'll probably sell it to a Ditko completist.

rob! said...

When does Chuck start ranting about our socialist muslim president?